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In this section, we are presenting our official documentation, implying our legal and authorised service.

We are a “Class-A” travel agency licenced from the Ministry of Tourism and Culture. Class-A means, we are licenced to organize daily excursion, rent cars and make transportation of incoming and outgoing tourists. (TURSAB Licence No: A5686)

Car Rental Agreement
Travel Agency Operating Document from Ministry of Tourism
Class A Travel Agency Permission Document from Ministry of Tourism
Sports Organization Permission from Ministry of Tourism
Membership Document to Car Rental Corporations Association
Driving Safety Certificate of Ozan Guven
Information Officer Document of Lyudmila Guven
Information Officer Document of Selcuk Can Guven
Information Officer Document of Eser Ozulku
Information Officer Document of Ahmet Guven

Due to Kemer’s commercial dynamics, each year many seasonal agencies open, and they close at the end of that season. This means they don’t have to care about taxes, customer satisfaction or service quality. It is hard to follow these as a tourist in a 1 week vacation but you actually have to be aware of these kind of “pirate” agencies.


Please ask for their licences and documents to any travel agency you want to use. You will not be able to claim any rights if something goes wrong when you use a “pirate” agency.


Ask for TURSAB Licence(Turkey Travel Agencies Association) Check if they have the same on the licence and on their documents like flyers etc.


Look for Tax documents in the agency. Due to Turkish Laws, Tax documents should be presented on walls where anyone can easily see. When renting a car, ask for car’s insurance papers and check the expiry date of insurance.

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